The Hollywood Survey is the next step in the journey to creating safe, equitable workplaces in the entertainment industry.

Take the Survey

This survey is open to all people working or who have sought work in the entertainment industry. The Hollywood Commission for Eliminating Sexual Harassment and Advancing Equality is conducting the survey to gauge the ethical climate and culture of the entertainment industry. We’re asking you to help by sharing your experiences.

The Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI) is administering the survey on behalf of the Hollywood Commission. ECI is an independent, non-profit research organization active in the field of ethics since 1922 and has helped many organizations evaluate their ethics and compliance programs worldwide.

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All responses are anonymous. Participants will not be asked to provide their names or other potentially identifying information (including specific organizational affiliation), nor will it be possible for responses to be traced back to individual participants.

  • Participants will be asked only to provide general demographic information about themselves (such as their gender, age, and job category). As noted above, it will not be possible for this information to be linked back to any specific individual.
  • No person at the Hollywood Commission or your company/union/guild will ever have access to your responses.

It is recommended to complete the survey in one sitting

  • The online survey is housed on a secure website and it is recommended that it be completed in one sitting.
  • Your responses will not be saved if you close the survey page or exit your browser and then come back to the survey later.
  • If you have started the survey and you are not able to complete the survey in one sitting, it is recommended that you close out of the browser used to access the survey.
  • The survey will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.


The Hollywood Commission asked ECI to launch this survey to help understand and improve today’s entertainment working environment. ECI will analyze the data and report findings to the Hollywood Commission.

Your participation is important. The Hollywood Commission appreciates your time in taking this survey.

“The Me-Too movement sent shockwaves throughout the Hollywood community. We all know that there is work to be done to create safe and respectful workplaces in the industry. Our next step is to understand the state of the industry today, so that we can implement effective solutions.”

Anita F. Hill, the Hollywood Commission