Take the Survey

1. Why is the Hollywood Commission conducting this survey?

The Hollywood Commission on Eliminating Sexual Harassment and Advancing Equality is conducting the survey to assess the entertainment industry’s workplace culture. Gathering this data is a critical part of the Hollywood Commission’s effort to develop programs aimed at protecting workers in the entertainment industry who for one reason or another currently lack access to adequate safeguards against workplace bias and harassment. To learn more about the Hollywood Commission, please visit hollywoodcommission.org.

2. Who is administering the survey?

This survey is administered by the Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI), an independent, non-profit organization located in Vienna, Virginia. ECI leads the movement for responsible organizations worldwide and has been active in the field of organizational ethics since 1978. ECI conducts the Global Business Ethics Survey®, a research effort examining organizational ethics from the employee’s perspective. To learn more about ECI, please visit www.ethics.org.

3. Who can take this survey?

This survey is meant for anyone working in the entertainment industry – you do not have to have experienced abuse of power, harassment or bias to fill out the survey. You may have learned about the survey through the media, your colleagues, your friends, or your company/union/guild. The survey contains some questions that apply to all participants. Additional questions may be asked of participants based on their responses to select questions.

4. How will my identity be protected as a survey participant?

To protect your identity, the survey is being administered via an anonymous survey link accessible at hollywoodsurvey.org. You will not be asked to provide your name or any other unique identifier. Nor will you be asked to create an account to take the survey. As a result, no information that you provide can be traced back to you.

5. What is an anonymous link?

An anonymous link means that everyone taking the survey uses the same survey link. In other words, the survey link is not unique to any individual participant and is thus not traceable to personally identifying information such as a name, email address, phone number, company or affiliation.

6. What if I received an email asking me to complete the survey, is it still anonymous?

Yes. Even if you received an invitation and reminder emails from your company/union/guild containing the survey link, the link is still anonymous and will not be traceable to any particular individual or to any personally identifying information, such as a name, email address, phone number, company or affiliation.

7. How do I access this survey?

The survey is housed on a secured website. Anyone pursuing work or currently working in the entertainment industry can access the survey through this online link: hollywoodsurvey.org

8. Do I need to take this survey in one sitting?

It is recommended that you take the survey in one sitting. The survey will take approximately 15 to 20 minutes to complete. You are welcome to step away from the survey and return to it later (as long as you do not close the survey page on your browser, you should be able to continue with the survey from where you left off). Note that your responses will not be saved if you close the survey page or your browser. If you close either the survey page or your browser, you will need to restart the survey to submit your response.

9. What if I want to change an answer on a page I already completed?

This survey allows you to go back, but only within each section. Once you have completed a section you will not be able to press the “BACK” button. Note that your ability to go back in the survey depends on your answers to questions within each section. Where possible, there will be a note before a section ends in case you want to change an answer on a previous page.

10. Why are there demographic questions asked in the survey and how will they be used?

Participants are asked several general demographic questions (such as gender, age, and job category). This will allow the results of the survey to be reported in combined (aggregated) categories. The only data that the Hollywood Commission and your company/union/guild will see is this combined (aggregated) data.

11. What will happen after the survey ends?

Once ECI has finished tabulating the data, the results will be reported to the Hollywood Commission. In turn, the Hollywood Commission will share a summary of the results to the public.

12. What is QualtricsXM?

Data for the survey are collected by QualtricsXM, a third-party entity survey software platform under contract with ECI. QualtricsXM is an industry leader in survey management and is both GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant and FEDRAMP (Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program) certified. While the data is collected on the QualtricsXM platform, ECI is the only entity that has access to the survey responses.

13. What should I do if I have additional questions about the survey?

Please contact the ECI Helpdesk by calling our toll-free number (877) 378-2237. Support is available 24/7 in both English and Spanish.

14. Are there sensitive questions in the survey? What do I do if I need to talk with someone after completing the survey?

If you have experienced discrimination, sexual harassment or sexual assault, you may experience discomfort or other emotions while completing the survey. You are welcome to step away from the survey and return to it later (as long as you do not close the survey page on your browser, you should be able to continue with the survey from where you left off).

Resources are available should you need them. Please click on the “Helpdesk and Resources” link at the top of the page for a list of resources. Remember this survey is confidential and your responses are completely anonymous.